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Pokemon for parents, find out more

Evolution of the Pokemon Universe: From 151 to Nearly 1000

When Pokemon first launched in 1996, it introduced us to a world filled with 151 unique creatures, each with its own abilities, types, and charming characteristics. Fast forward to today, the Pokemon universe has drastically expanded, boasting nearly 1000 different Pokemon. This incredible growth reflects not only the enduring popularity of the franchise but also its continual innovation and adaptation.

Pokemon 151 tcg

A Journey Through Pokemon Generations

The world of Pokemon is organized into "generations." Each generation introduces a new region in the Pokemon world, along with new Pokemon species, and often, new game mechanics. Here's a brief look at how the Pokemon generations have expanded the Pokemon universe:

  1. First Generation (1996 - 1999): The first generation started it all, introducing us to the original 151 Pokemon in the Kanto region. This generation laid the foundation for everything that followed.

  2. Second Generation (1999 - 2002): Introduced 100 new Pokemon and the Johto region. This generation also brought new types of Pokemon and the concept of Pokemon breeding.

  3. Third Generation (2002 - 2006): With 135 new Pokemon and the Hoenn region, this generation introduced the ability to play as a female character and double battles.

  4. Fourth Generation (2006 - 2010): Added 107 new Pokemon and the Sinnoh region. This generation introduced online trading and battles.

  5. Fifth Generation (2010 - 2013): Brought 156 new Pokemon, the largest addition in any generation, and the Unova region.

  6. Sixth Generation (2013 - 2016): Introduced the Kalos region and 72 new Pokemon. This generation added Mega Evolution, which allows specific Pokemon to transform during battle.

  7. Seventh Generation (2016 - 2018): Added 88 new Pokemon and the Alola region, which was based on Hawaii. This generation introduced regional forms and Z-Moves.

  8. Eighth Generation (2019 - present): So far, this generation has introduced the Galar region and 81 new Pokemon, with more likely on the way. This generation introduced Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, which make Pokemon gigantic in size during battles.

Why The Number of Pokemon Matters

The continually expanding roster of Pokemon keeps the franchise fresh and exciting. Each new generation brings more than just new Pokemon—it introduces new regions to explore, new game mechanics, new strategies for battles, and new lore to uncover. This keeps the game appealing to both new players and long-time fans.

Pokemon charizard

What Parents Should Know About the Expanding Pokemon Universe

If your child is getting into Pokemon, they may be excited (or overwhelmed) by the number of Pokemon. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Starting Small: It's perfectly fine to start with a smaller subset of Pokemon, like the original 151. Your child can gradually learn about more Pokemon as they get more comfortable with the universe.

  • Pokemon Types: Each Pokemon has one or two "types" (like fire, water, or grass) that determine its strengths and weaknesses in battles. Understanding these types can make the game more strategic and enjoyable.

  • Generational Shifts: New Pokemon are typically introduced when a new "generation" of games is released. This means the roster of Pokemon can grow every few years.


The Pokemon universe is always evolving, offering new experiences and adventures for players to discover. While the number of Pokemon can seem daunting, it's a testament to the depth, variety, and creativity of the franchise.

For those parents and children who want to experience the nostalgia of the original 151 Pokemon, keep an eye out for the upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game series dedicated solely to these beloved creatures. This special series is a fantastic way to engage with the classic Pokemon, whether you're a long-time fan or just beginning your journey.

Next time, we will explore "Pokemon Battle Figures: Tiny Toys, Big Fun." Stay tuned!