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Pokemon for parents, find out more
Pokémon Battle Figures, Blastoise and Charizard

Pokémon Battle Figures

Pokémon Battle Figures are probably one of the most popular ways of collecting your favourite Pokémon characters. Pokémon Battle figures are well detailed with articulate character design.

Pokémon Battle figures are scaled to size so that they are ready for battle! Some of the Pokémon Battle Figures come complete with deluxe action moves such as Blastoise’s fireable blast cannons or Ash's Pikachu throwing action.

Pokémon Battle Figures Jolteon, Squirtle and Munchlax

Pokémon Battle Figures, 3 figure pack

A Pokémon Battle Figure triple pack contains 3 Pokémon characters. Each Pokémon Battle Figure pack generally contains a 3” Pokémon and 2x 2”/2.5” Pokémon figures. The Pokémon Battle Figures triple pack is one of the best ways to grow your Pokémon collection.

With the mixture of three Pokémon, you can collect Pokémon such as Jolteon, Squirtle, Charmeleon and many more.

Pokémon Battle Figures range

Pokémon Battle Figures Yamper and Eevee

Pokémon Battle Figures, 2 figure pack

A Pokémon Battle Figure twin pack generally consists of 2x 2”/2.5” Pokémon Characters. Each Pokémon Figure is scaled in size and highly detailed. These Pokémon figures are perfect for playing with or just collecting.

The Pokémon Battle Figure packs are great for bolstering your squid or collecting the Pokémon figures you're missing.

Pokémon Battle Figures range

Pokémon Battle Figure Snorlax

Pokémon Battle Figures, single pack

The single pack of the Pokémon Battle Figures consists of a detailed and to scale Pokémon character. With a single Pokémon Battle Figure pack you can collect some of the larger Pokémon such as Blastoise, Snorlax or Sirfetch’d along with many other Pokémon characters.

The Pokémon Battle Figures single pack are ideal for collecting your most favourite Pokémon Character and are perfect for any Pokémon collector.

Pokémon Battle Figures range