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Collection: Minix Vinyl Figures

9 products

More about Minix Vinyl Figures

Discover the World of Minix: Stranger Things and The Witcher Collectibles

Welcome to our Minix category, where the intricate worlds of Stranger Things and The Witcher come alive in the form of exquisitely detailed collectible figures. This special collection is designed for fans who admire the art of miniaturization combined with the power of iconic pop culture.

Stranger Things Minix

Step into the nostalgic and thrilling universe of Stranger Things with our range of Minix figures. Each character, from Eleven in her signature look to the Demogorgon in terrifying detail, is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the show’s beloved characters. These figures allow you to relive the suspense and adventure of Hawkins, Indiana, right from your display shelf.

The Witcher Minix

Embark on a journey through the Continent with our The Witcher Minix figures. From the stoic Geralt of Rivia to the powerful sorceress Yennefer, each figure is a masterpiece of design, showcasing intricate costumes and dynamic poses reflective of their personas in the series. Perfect for fans of the fantasy genre, these figures bring the rich storytelling and complex characters of The Witcher to life.

Why Choose Minix?

Minix figures are renowned for their attention to detail and quality. Despite their small size, each figure is packed with personality and crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and satisfaction. These figures are ideal for collectors who appreciate precision and are looking to capture the magic of their favorite series in a compact form.

Complete Your Collection

Whether you are a dedicated fan of Stranger Things, The Witcher, or both, our Minix category offers you a unique way to celebrate these groundbreaking series. Each figure is accompanied by a detailed description of the character’s role and significance, making them a great gift for fans and collectors alike.

Explore our selection today and find the perfect Minix figures to add a touch of drama and enchantment to your collection. With exclusive releases and limited edition pieces, make sure to keep an eye on our updates and secure your favorites before they disappear.