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Fortnite Guide Issue #4 - Beginners Guide to Fortnite Part 4

Welcome to the final part of our beginners guide to Fortnite Battle Royale. Today we will be taking a brief look at:

  • Modes
  • Customising
  • Learning
  • Rewards


There are several different ways to play Fortnite Battle Royale and when you first boot up the game you’ll automatically be defaulted to squads. The other game modes are Solo, Duo, and team rumble.

Solo and Duo are pretty self explanatory, play by yourself or with a partner. Squads, you play in a team of 4 and team rumble is 50 vs 50.

To get to grips with Fortnite we would recommend playing squads first, that way you can learn from others and let your teammates build and heal as you get used to everything.


Fortnite customisation

Before every match you have the chance to customise your character. From the main menu you can go to the “Locker” tab. Here you will be able to select skins, dances, sprays, banner icons, gliders, emotes, harvesting tools, loading screens and more. Remember you can only do this before a match so don’t forget.


One of the best ways to get to grips with Fortnite is to use the Battle Lab Mode. This is where you can explore the map on your own and get to grips with, exploring and learning the map, practicing harvesting and building. You have free rein of the map so get exploring and get practicing with building.


Fortnite rewards

As with all free to play games there are in game purchases and Fortnite is no different. Although there are some perks and rewards you can claim without spending any money, most of the good skins and other items are only acquirable via the Battle pass.

Once you purchase the battle pass you then need to complete challenges to unlock rewards.

That's it, that completes our beginners guide to getting started with Fortnite! This may be the final part of this guide but not the final blog post of fortnite. In the coming weeks we will take a look at certain areas in a little more detail.

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