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Pokemon for parents, find out more

How Many Pokemon Battle Figures Are There?

The Pokemon universe is vast and colorful, with over 900 unique creatures inhabiting its various regions. But if you're a fan of Pokemon action figures, you might wonder - how many Pokemon battle figures are there? Let's explore the answer to this question.

Pokemon Battle Figures

A Universe of Pocket Monsters

When we think of Pokemon, we often remember the original 151 creatures that debuted in the first generation games, Pokemon Red and Green (Blue in international releases). But since then, the number of Pokemon has expanded with each new game generation, reaching over 900 as of now.

Pokemon Battle Figures: A Select Representation

While the Pokemon world has grown exponentially, the same cannot be said for the Pokemon action figures. Unlike Pokemon cards that aim to represent every single Pokemon, the range of battle figures is more selective.

Pokemon Battle Figures Charizard

The number of Pokemon represented as battle figures is a fraction of the total number of Pokemon. These figures often represent the most popular Pokemon, such as Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, and legendary Pokemon. Each new series of figures also includes Pokemon from the latest game release, ensuring that fans can always find figures of their new favorites.

Limited Editions and Variants

To add more intrigue to collecting, many Pokemon also have variant figures. These variants may represent different poses, battle effects, or even shiny (color-alternate) versions of the Pokemon. Limited edition figures and promotional releases also add to the total number of unique Pokemon battle figures.

Pokemon Battle Figures Cinderace


So, how many Pokemon battle figures are there? The exact number can be hard to determine due to the selective representation, variants, and limited editions. However, what's certain is that there are enough to keep collectors engaged and always hunting for the next addition to their collection. After all, as the franchise's slogan says, "Gotta Catch 'Em All!"