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How to Spot Fake Funko POP! Figures: A Collector’s Guide

How to Identify Fake Funko POP! Figures: A Fun Guide for Collectors

Hey there, fellow Funko POP! enthusiasts! We've all been there – eyes wide open, heart racing, and that unmistakable excitement coursing through us as we spot a rare Funko POP! figure online. But wait! Not so fast. How can you be sure that highly coveted figure is the real deal? Fear not, because today, we’re diving headfirst into the colorful and occasionally murky world of Funko POP! figures to help you spot those knock-offs. Let's embark on this fun and illuminating journey together!

The Devil is in the Details

If you're here, you're probably a keen-eyed collector who knows that every detail matters. You know the difference between your Goku and your Goku Ultra Instinct. The same principle applies to spotting those mischievous counterfeits.

1. Box Art and Packaging Quality

First things first – examine the box. Funko does not skimp on packaging, and neither should you! Authentic Funko boxes are usually made with high-quality stock, vibrant colors, and sharp images. Check the spelling on the box too. Mistakes or fuzzy printing should set off your spidey senses, as authentic packages will not have typos or blurry ink.

2. Fine Print Misprints and Missing Logos

Genuine Funko boxes have trademark information, licensing details, and the Funko logo. Look for any missing elements or strange fonts in the fine print. Additionally, legit boxes often have a serial number printed on the bottom.

3. Pop! Figures Clue

Inspect the actual figure closely. Authentic Funko POP!s are meticulously crafted. Pay attention to the paint job and sculpt. Genuine figures will have clean paint lines, not the sloppy or bleeding colors often seen in fakes.

4. Head’s Up!

Funko POP! heads are quite solid and the springs in bobblehead figures are sturdy. If the head of the figure feels weak, squishy, or loose, you might be looking at a counterfeit.

Priceless POP!s and Their Price Tags

Usually, price can be a dead giveaway. That one-of-a-kind Comic-Con exclusive, limited to just a few hundred pieces, selling for a mere $20? Too good to be true, my friend. Always cross-check prices via trusted sources or collector communities to ensure you're not being taken for a ride.

Seller Credibility

Where you buy your Funko POP! figure is crucial. Stick to reputable sellers. Purchase from brick-and-mortar stores, established e-commerce platforms, or directly from Funko's official site when possible. If buying online from an individual, check their rating and read reviews.

Comparing With Online Resources

Still unsure? There are excellent resources online where collectors share comparisons between real and fake figures. Websites and social media groups are great spots to get additional insights and even show other fans what you've found. The Funko community loves to help!

The Weight Test

The weight of the Funko figure can also hint at its authenticity. Genuine figures tend to have a more substantial feel owing to their quality material use. Counterfeits can sometimes feel lighter or flimsier.

Go Old School with Smell

Trust your instincts – and your nose! Some collectors have noted that fakes can have a strange chemical smell. This is due to the cheaper, often less safe materials used in counterfeit figures. Trust that new-plastic-fresh smell = authentic!

When in Doubt, Ask

If your detective skills still have you scratching your head, question the seller directly. Genuine sellers should know a fair bit about what they’re selling and should willingly answer your queries. If they seem cagey or evasive, walk away.

Satisfy Your Curiosity: Verification Services

Did you know there are verification and grading services available? Some businesses and even individuals offer evaluation and authentication services for a fee. They can take away the doubt and give you a peace of mind that your Funko POP! collection is 100% legit.

Wrapping Up the Funko Fiasco

Phew! That was quite the journey, wasn't it? Spotting a fake might seem daunting at first, but now, armed with these tips, you're ready to build a collection that's worth boasting about. So, go ahead and hunt those treasures with confidence and share your knowledge with fellow collectors. Let’s keep the Funko fun alive!

Happy collecting, and may the genuine Funko POP!s be ever in your favor!

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