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Mario Power-ups part one: Mushrooms.

Mario has always been reliant on power-ups to help him in his missions, and today we will start our exploration into the in depth and rather unique list of items that Mario uses to give himself unique abilities starting with one of the most frequently seen in game, the Mushroom.

The 1-Up Mushroom:

First seen in the original Super Mario Bros the 1-Up Mushroom simply grants Mario (or any other playable character) an extra life upon collection.

The 2-Up Mushroom:

As with the 1-Up the 2-Up Mushroom gives extra lives, but as expected from the name this mushroom gives two lives upon collection. Only ever seen in one game so far, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong.

The 3-Up Mushroom:

See 2-Up and make it give you three lives upon collection, Also only seen in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong.

The 5-Up Mushroom:

As above but 5 lives, again only in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong.

Bee Mushroom:

Seen only in Super Mario Galaxy, this mushroom allows Mario to fly for a short time, walk on clouds,flowers, and stick to honeycombs.

Super Mushroom:

Originally seen in Super Mario Bros, the big mushroom makes Mario bigger allowing him to be able to break blocks which he couldn't before. Additional benefits of this mushroom give Mario an extra hitpoint so that damage isn't instant death but instead a shrinking back down to normal Mario.

Invincibility Mushroom:

Only seen on Captain Toad: Treasure hunter. Collecting this mushroom will give invincibility for the entire level.

Life Mushroom:

Only found in Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 this mushroom Increases Mario's maximum health by three but only until the additional health is lost.

Mega Mushroom:

First appearance of this mushroom was in New Super Mario Bros. This mushroom Temporarily transforms Mario into Mega Mario which makes him Huge and able to destroy everything in his path. When collected in Super Paper Mario, the character also becomes their Super Mario Bros. sprite but in Mega form.

Mini Mushroom:

Again this mushroom first appears in New Super Mario Bros. Turns Mario into a tiny version that can enter small holes and passages and even walk on water.

Mystery Mushroom:

Only found in Super Mario Make and limited to the Wii. Upon collection you can use any Amiibo piece allowed OR completion of a challenge to change Mario’s appearance to one of over 150 other Nintendo characters, including some Pokemon.

Propeller Mushroom:

Another mushroom first seen in New Super Mario Bros. Allows Mario to propeller up and either float down slowly or drill down at speed.

The SMB2 Mushroom:

Super Mario Maker 2 specific mushroom that changes Mario to his Super Mario Bros 2 sprite and gives him the matching abilities such as being able to pick up enemies and throw them.

Spring Mushroom:

Seen only in SM Galaxy 1 & 2, transforms Mario into spring Mario which allows him to jump higher.

Weird Mushroom:

Make Mario skinny and with Luigi’s physique, slightly higher jump but worse traction.

So there’s part one of our power-up in depth breakdown. Please note that we at Sidequest TGC do NOT condone the random consumption of mushrooms you may find laying around. ;)