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Pokemon for parents, find out more

Pokemon Trading Card Game: A Guide for Parents

If you've heard your child talk about Pokemon cards or you've seen them trading cards with friends, they're probably engaged with the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). This card game is a major aspect of the Pokemon franchise and has gained immense popularity among fans of all ages. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of the Pokemon TCG and provide some tips for parents navigating this exciting aspect of the Pokemon universe.

What is the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is a collectible card game where players use decks of Pokemon cards to battle each other. Each card represents a different Pokemon, with its unique abilities and attributes. The game requires strategy and knowledge of the various Pokemon and their capabilities.

Types of Cards in the Pokemon TCG

In the Pokemon TCG, there are several types of cards that you might find in a pack:

  • Pokemon Cards: These cards feature the various Pokemon, each with their own set of moves and abilities.

  • Trainer Cards: These cards represent the items, supporters, and stadiums a trainer can use in battle.

  • Energy Cards: These cards are used to power a Pokemon's attacks.

  • Foil Cards: Also known as holo (short for holographic) cards, these are special Pokemon cards with a shiny, reflective coating on the image. These cards are rarer than regular cards and are often highly sought after by collectors.

  • V, VMAX, and GX Cards: These cards represent powerful Pokemon with strong abilities. V and VMAX cards were introduced in the Sword & Shield series, while GX cards were featured in the Sun & Moon series. They're rare, and finding one in a pack can be exciting for players.

  • Secret Rare Cards: These are the most rare and valuable cards, featuring unique colors, textures, and artwork. They're a thrilling find for any collector.

Pokemon Card Types

Why Kids Love the Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon TCG combines several elements that kids find appealing:

  • Collection: Just as in the video games, the motto for Pokemon TCG could be "catch 'em all". Many kids enjoy the thrill of collecting cards, especially rare or powerful ones.

  • Competition: The Pokemon TCG involves strategic gameplay, which can be a fun and competitive way for kids to play with friends.

  • Connection: The TCG provides another way to engage with the beloved world of Pokemon.

A Buying Guide for Parents

If you're considering purchasing Pokemon cards for your child, here are a few things to consider:

  • Starter Decks: If your child is new to the TCG, consider starting with a pre-constructed starter deck. These decks are designed to be balanced for play right out of the box.

  • Booster Packs: Booster packs contain a random assortment of cards and are a great way to expand a collection.

  • Child's Interest: Does your child have favorite Pokemon? They might enjoy having cards of those Pokemon for their deck.


The Pokemon Trading Card Game offers a fun and strategic game for kids and a unique way to engage with the Pokemon universe. Whether your child enjoys the thrill of collecting or the competition of gameplay, the Pokemon TCG is a dynamic aspect of the Pokemon franchise to explore.

That concludes our series on understanding the Pokemon world and its wide range of toys and collectibles. We hope these guides have been helpful in your quest to choose the perfect Pokemon gift for your child. Happy Pokemon hunting!