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Hogwarts Legacy - Sevepuss Snape

I love cats! There I said it! I. Love. Cats. Finding them, stroking them, listening to them purr. Cats, cats, cats! Harry Potter: Cat Simulator is set 100 years before the story we all know, so I guess it is a prequel?

Hogwarts cats
I think I'll call him…. Mr Purrtronis….

Harry Potter: Red Dragon should be rubbish. Historically these things always are. Ever played Superman 64? Or literally any of the other Harry Potter games?? It's a game based on a book with it's esthetics taken from a movie franchise, also based on said book. Confused? Good!

Spoilers, it's not crap.

There's a decent story here I'm told. But I wouldn't know. 10 hours in and I'm still running around Hogwarts, chasing flying books, revealing hidden collectables, following enchanted keys and solving math puzzles to open doors. Oh yeah, and stroking cats.

Hogwarts cats
Hogwarts, the largest cattery in the wizarding world.

I'm also finding I spend a lot of my time playing Harry Potter fashion wars due to all the different cloaks, scarves and headwear you can just change whenever you like, at no cost. Maybe it's the roleplayer in me, but I like to go around Hogwarts in my house robes and then change to something more casual or battle inspired when I run around causing trouble for the surrounding townsfolk.

I've been having a key slappingly good time with Harry Potter: The Phantom Menace. Come join in! There are plenty of cats for all of us!

Did I mention it's got cats in it?