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Sifu - Kung-fu master class first look

On the streets of Paris resides a games studio known as Sloclap. Now if you haven’t heard of Sloclap, Sloclap are an independent games studio and fung-fu enthusiasts. They are known for a game called Absolver which is available cross platform, but today we are taking a look at their new next gen title Sifu!

Sifu kung-fu video game

Sifu follows in the footsteps of Absolver but is by no means a sequel. They’re both kung-fu fighting games but whereas Absolver's focus is PvP with NPC’s to fight, Sifu is a single player story lead game.

Sifu is a kung-fu brawler which seems to have taken inspiration from movies such as John Wick and the Raid while displaying combat styles of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Sifu places you in the heart of the movies by being a martial arts movie you can play.

The story line of Sifu is based around a kung-fu student seeks revenge for the murder of his family by 5 assasins.

Sifu in a club

Guns have yet to be spotted within the game but there will be weapons you can use. The environment is there to add you in battle. You’ll be able to throw objects, climb ledges, pickup makeshift weapons and push furniture.

The main structure of the game will be to battle through goons and bad guys to eventually get to the main target which are the assassins who murder the kung-fu students family. If however you die along the way you will come back to life but as an older version of yourself, so each time you die you get older. This however doesn’t affect your strength or ability and is more like your evolving into the kung fu master.

Unlike Absolver there won’t be a customizable moveset, instead the fight style is based on Pak Mei Kung Fu so its more about learning the combat style and understanding its different properties and uses.

All in all Sifu is shaping up to be the master of kung-fu games much like Absolver and we are looking forward to up and coming updates on its progression. With a potential release of Autumn 2021 we’ve not got too long to wait.