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The mysterious Mimikyu

Lets talk about Mimikyu...

Starting with the name, Mimikyu is just a simple play on words and sounds a lot like “Mimic You” which is no surprise as it disguises itself as the world’s best loved Pokémon Pikachu. The reason(s) that Mimikyu disguises itself are interesting and nobody can claim to have ever seen one nor does anyone know what their true form looks like, this is because seeing a mimikyu’s true form will cause a painful death and/or a mysterious illness to become the observer. It is also rumoured that the Mimikyu is weakened by sunlight.

Mimikyu pikachu disguise

Due to the effects of someone seeing it the Mimikyu will become aggressive and agitated if someone attempts to remove its disguise and will react very violently.

So why does the Mimikyu currently use a Pikachu as its disguise? Simply because the Pokémon is on so much Pikachu styled merchandise that it believes that looking like a Pikachu will allow it to make friends, yep the mimikyu is so lonely it tries to look like one of the cutest Pokémon around but ends up looking so creepy people avoid it.

The disguise is complete with a hollow head for storage of items that has crayon styled Pikachu features and the Mimikyu carries a lightning bolt shaped stick to complete the attempted camouflage.

Pokemon Pikachu and Mimikyu

If someone damages the Pokémon's disguise it will first spend all night repairing the damage to the go and seek revenge and is so determined in its efforts that it will normally end its own life trying to achieve its goal.

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy type and has a fairy type Z move (Let’s Snuggle forever) that can only currently be learnt by them in the current lore.

Mimikyu’s Weaknesses are Ghost and Steel type attacks doing 2x the standard damage but are resistant to bug type Pokémon doing only ¼ the expected damage. Don’t expect to use any Normal, Fighting nor Dragon moves on this Pokémon though as they are immune and you will end up wasting a move and some PP.

This Pokémon was first seen in Pokémon Sun and Moon on generation VII and has shown up in other media since.

Would you like a creepy little pretend Pikachu for your collection?

Pop on over to our very own Pokémon section and add one to your basket now.

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