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Who Framed Super Mario

In anticipation for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane and take a look at Mario's last movie outing, and also at some of my favourite Mario games from over the years.

Super Mario Bros (1993)

Super Mario the Movie

Now I bet you are expecting me to say that I hate this film? Nope! I actually quite like it! Is it a good film? Well no, no it's not. But that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable in its own way! So what’s the plot? Basically a long time ago a meteorite smashes into the earth creating two parallel universes. A multiverse if you will! Watchout, here come Disneys’ lawyers. One universe is the one that we know and love now, whilst the other is home to the dinosaurs, who now have had enough evolutionary time to be more like humans. No spoilers, but things happen, Princess is kidnapped. Mario (Bob Hoskins) and Luigi (John Leguizamo) have to make their way into the other universe to save the Princess. What I like about this film is just how silly it is. I can’t tell if they didn't try at all, or if they tried so hard and just failed. I like the dark gritty theme of it, and how they tried to make such ridiculous notions of a plumber jumping on goombas heads and saving a princess from sentient dinosaurs, an actual serious film.

If you haven't seen it before, don’t watch it with any preconceptions. Have a few drinks, embrace the stupidity, and just enjoy it for what it is. WaHoo!

Super Mario 64 - Nintendo 64 (1996)

Super Mario 64 - Nintendo 64 (1996)

If you had an N64, you had this game. This game redefined the platforming genre. No longer held to just the X and Y axis. Suddenly Madame Z had arrived and Mario was our hero, here to take her for a drink. Using the, in my opinion, fantastic N64 controller and its revolutionary thumb stick. Navigating the 3D world was bliss. Nothing felt as good to play or looked as vibrant and fun as this at the time. Full of puzzles, secrets, and tons of levels, it holds a strong place in my heart as one of my greatest ever games.

Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo 64 (1996)

Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo 64 (1996)

Not the first Mario Kart. But arguably one of the best. Bringing the fast paced and hectic battle racing to a fully realised 3D world was great. Sitting on the floor in front of the screen with 3 of your mates as you battle for first place, creating alliances to destroy the person that always seems to win, or chasing each other down to pop their last balloon in battle mode. This game set the tone for all character racers to come. But bloody hell did the computer racers cheat.

Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch (2017)

Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch (2017)

Where Mario 64 redefined the platforming genre, and set a bar for all others to follow. Super Mario Odyssey did it again. Incredible level design, brilliant controls, and lovely cartoon visuals. Mario is continually setting the standard.

Mario Party - Nintendo 64 (1998)

Mario Party - Nintendo 64 (1998)

Imagine a board game filled with your favourite Super Mario characters, 4 player multiplayer and loads of mini games… BUT…. It was programmed by the most sadistic monsters to have ever lived. How can I be 1st for the entire game, to only have my beautiful victory stolen from me at the last minute by handing the computer controlled players some BS random stars. Damn I love this game.

Tennis - Gameboy (1989)

Tennis - Gameboy (1989)

It’s a Tennis game. And a brilliant one at that. And guess what? Mario is the umpire!

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