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Minecraft 3.25-inch Action Figure - Zombie


Sku: MC2049

Minecraft 3.25-inch Action Figure - Zombie

Product Description

Step into the night with the Minecraft 3.25-inch Action Figure - Zombie, a staple adversary from the beloved sandbox game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide. This action figure is a must-have for fans of Minecraft, offering a tangible piece of the game's thrilling survival experience. Perfect for collectors, gamers, and fans of all ages, the Zombie figure embodies the iconic pixelated design and menacing demeanor of its in-game counterpart.

Standing at 3.25 inches, this Zombie action figure brings Minecraft's nocturnal challenge into the real world with articulated joints for dynamic posing and storytelling. Whether setting up a scene of survival, expanding your collection of Minecraft mobs, or engaging in imaginative play, this Zombie figure adds an element of excitement and adventure to any Minecraft fan's collection.


  • A 3.25-inch articulated action figure of the Minecraft Zombie, capturing the essence of the game's classic hostile mob.
  • Detailed design that stays true to the game's iconic pixelated aesthetic, enhancing the collectible and play experience.
  • Flexible articulation allows for dynamic posing and makes this figure a versatile addition to in-game scenario recreations.
  • An essential collectible for Minecraft enthusiasts, adding depth and character to collections, playsets, and displays.

Confront the dangers of Minecraft's night with the 3.25-inch Action Figure - Zombie, and bring your favorite game to life. Whether for play, display, or as a gift for a Minecraft aficionado, this Zombie action figure is bound to become a cherished addition to any collection, symbolizing the endless adventures and challenges that Minecraft offers.

Sku: MC2049

Minecraft 3.25-inch Action Figure - Zombie

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