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Pokemon for parents, find out more
Pokemon Battle Figures - Vaporeon, Rockruff and Bellossum

Sku: PK3087

Pokemon Battle Figures - Vaporeon, Rockruff and Bellossum

Product Description

Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic splendor, rugged charm, and floral grace with the Pokémon Battle Figures set featuring Vaporeon, Rockruff, and Bellossom. This trio brings together the elegance of Water, the tenacity of Rock, and the joy of Grass types, each figure meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of their respective Pokémon.

Vaporeon, the soothing Water-type evolution of Eevee, is depicted with its signature fins and tails, appearing to be emerging from the depths of the ocean. Rockruff, the loyal Rock-type Pokémon, is ready for action, its stance capturing the boundless energy and determination of this beloved puppy Pokémon. Bellossom, the cheerful Grass-type, stands amidst a dance, its flower petals spread wide in a display of sunny disposition and tropical allure.

These figures are not only a visual treat but are constructed with durability in mind, ensuring they can endure the excitement of playtime and remain a standout in any display. Sized to be compatible with other figures in the Pokémon Battle Figures series, they invite engaging battles and storytelling.


  • A set of high-fidelity figures that capture the unique characteristics of Vaporeon, Rockruff, and Bellossom.
  • Robust construction to endure the most energetic of Pokémon battles and the test of time on display.
  • Perfectly scaled to interact with other figures in the series for comprehensive battle play.
  • A vibrant and diverse addition to any Pokémon figure collection.

Whether for play, display, or both, the Pokémon Battle Figures set of Vaporeon, Rockruff, and Bellossom is a celebration of the diverse world of Pokémon. Bring these figures into your collection and let your Pokémon adventures flourish.

Sku: PK3087

Pokemon Battle Figures - Vaporeon, Rockruff and Bellossum

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