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Pokemon for parents, find out more
Squirtle 8" Plush Pokemon
Squirtle Pokemon
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Sku: PK1002

Squirtle 8" Plush Pokemon

Product Description

Splash into the enchanting realm of Pokémon with the Squirtle 8" plush toy. Epitomizing the playful spirit of the beloved Water-type starter, this plush brings to life Squirtle's aquatic allure with its bright blue hue, signature squirrel-like tail, and those unmistakable mischievous eyes. Wearing its classic grin, this plush is a true reflection of Squirtle's vibrant personality.

Constructed from the most premium, plush materials, the Squirtle toy is a treat for the senses, soft to the touch and irresistibly huggable. Built with durability in mind, it ensures that Squirtle's refreshing presence stays with you during aquatic adventures, serene moments, or as a standout in your treasured collection.

Every detail, from its distinct shell to its stubby limbs, has been crafted with precision, making this plush an invaluable catch for veteran Pokémon trainers and a heartwarming gift for those new to the Pokémon world. With its optimal 8-inch size, it's suitable for a variety of purposes, from play to display.

Dive deep into the Pokémon universe's ocean of wonders and let the tidal wave of joy brought by the Squirtle 8" plush toy wash over you!

Suitable for 2+ years

Sku: PK1002

Squirtle 8" Plush Pokemon

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Pokemon Squirtle

Pokemon - Squirtle

  • TypeWater
  • SpeciesTurtle
  • EvolutionSquirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise
  • First AppearedRed & Blue
Squirtle the first evolution

Squirtle A Water Type Pokemon

Squirtle first appeared in Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Squirtle is a turtle- like creature who is blue in colour and has an aerodynamic shell on his back.

Squirtle is generally a very well behaved Pokemon but can be hard to get on with. If you fall on Squirtles bad side then you’ll have problems being his friend. Other Pokemon can also find it hard to get on with Squirtle.

Squirtles shell is his main protection and later on down the evolution chain becomes a very powerful weapon. As squirtle evolves he becomes stronger and stronger till he finishes up as Blastoise where his shell becomes a turret packed with two water cannons.

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