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Super Mario Larry 2.5 Inch Figure

Sku: MA1036

Super Mario Larry 2.5 Inch Figure

Product Description

Leap into the wacky world of the Mushroom Kingdom with the Super Mario Larry 2.5 Inch Figure. This lively figure captures Larry Koopa, the mischievous and blue-haired member of the Koopalings. Known for his cunning smile and playful antics, Larry is depicted with his trademark colorful mohawk, star-shaped birthmark, and a magic wand, ready to create chaos or take on Mario and his allies in a classic boss battle.

The figure's vivid colors and intricate details are true to Larry's appearance in the Super Mario series, making it a delightful addition to any collection. With its compact 2.5-inch size, this Larry figure is perfect for display on a shelf or desk, or as a part of an imaginative Super Mario playset.


  • A detailed figure that accurately portrays Larry's cheeky personality and style.
  • Durable construction, ensuring that Larry can handle the antics of playtime and the admiration of collectors.
  • A perfect scale for interaction with other figures from the Super Mario series.
  • A fantastic collectible for fans of Super Mario and the Koopalings.

Whether for reenacting your favorite levels or adding a touch of villainous charm to your display, the Super Mario Larry 2.5 Inch Figure is ready to bring a piece of the Koopa kingdom into your home. Let Larry join your adventures and complete your collection of the Koopalings!

Sku: MA1036

Super Mario Larry 2.5 Inch Figure

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