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Super Mario Nabbit 2.5 Inch Figure

Sku: MA1039

Super Mario Nabbit 2.5 Inch Figure

Product Description

Join the chase with the Super Mario Nabbit 2.5 Inch Figure, capturing the elusive and mischievous character from the Mushroom Kingdom. Nabbit, known for stealing items from Toad Houses, is depicted in his signature purple getup with a large bag—presumably full of pilfered goods. His impish grin and bright, wide eyes convey his playful nature, making this figure a charming addition to any Super Mario collection.

This figure's design pays close attention to Nabbit's unique features, including his long ears, the bandana covering his mouth, and his tiny, fleet-footed stance. Despite his small size, Nabbit's personality is perfectly encapsulated in this 2.5-inch figure, which has been carefully crafted to ensure durability and detailed accuracy.


  • A faithfully detailed figure that perfectly embodies the tricky Nabbit.
  • Constructed with quality materials to endure as both a toy and a collector's item.
  • A compact size that complements other figures from the Super Mario series.
  • A delightful collectible for fans of Super Mario, especially those who appreciate the series' more enigmatic characters.

Whether adding to your display or gifting it to a fellow Mario enthusiast, the Super Mario Nabbit 2.5 Inch Figure is a fun and mischievous piece that brings a hint of adventure and lighthearted theft to your collection. Catch Nabbit if you can and let the hijinks ensue!

Sku: MA1039

Super Mario Nabbit 2.5 Inch Figure

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